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What is Orgonite


What is orgonite?


Orgonite is the name of a compound made in a resin base containing a variety of metal shavings and can be created with different gemstones and crystals. The combination of these materials results in a powerful tool that is charged with life force and that has the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy in its immediate environment. Orgonite can be made in many shapes and sizes and has a number of energetic and healing uses.


The History of Orgonite

What we called Orgonite today is based on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist and scientist who conducted his research in the 1930’s and 40’s. Reich used the name “orgone” for what other disciplines might call "life force," "chi," "energy," or "source." He built orgone accumulators by combining organic substances, like fiberglass, with inorganic substances, like steel wool. The combination of organic and inorganic substances would become orgone generators.

Years later, Don and Carol Croft, a couple that studied Dr. Reich’s research, and combined it with further research of their own, discovered that by pouring fiberglass resin into molds with metal shavings they could create mini orgone collectors, similar to what Reich had done with his larger orgone accumulators. Carol Croft added crystals and gemstones to the compound, increasing its ability to transform negative energy into positive energy.




The Purpose of Orgonite

Orgonite is a healing tool that can transform an environment into one that has a more positive frequency of energy, as well as balance and harmonize one's emotional and subtle bodies.

How Does Orgonite Work?

Each Orgonite I create has a quartz crystal or quartz crystals which is the master crystal or crystals of the orgonite (larger Orgonites have a magnet wire wrapped around the single point quartz or DT quartz crystal).
When the resin dries around the metal shavings and the crystals, the resin shrinks, putting pressure on the crystal. As a result of this pressure, the endpoints of the crystal become electrically polarized. This is known as a piezoelectric effect, and it is this electrical charge that boosts the positive energy in Orgonite. By using different crystals and gemstones, as well as other types of energetically charged materials in addition to the main crystal/crystals, the energy of the Orgonite can be tailored to an individual's needs as it transforms energy from negative to positive, creating a more harmonious environment wherever it is placed.



Tips for Care of Orgonite

  1. Please do not leave Orgonite under the Strong direct Sunlight or in water.

  2. It contains small parts, metals, and gemstones. Orgonite is not a toy for young children.

  3. Kindly note that since all my products are handcrafted there always exist minor deviations in size, color, weight (I use only gifts from Earth Crystals. So it's not the same size and weight), and  each of the surfaces may vary slightly, but it does not affect  the Healing Qualities and effects of Orgonite at all. The Orgonite items are fragile and care should be taken to avoid dropping on hard surfaces and tugging.

  4. Usually, you do not need to cleanse Orgonite, but after heavy use and if you feel it, of course !

How do I cleanse an orgonite?

The Orgonite creates a constant flow of energy. So, usually, it is not need to be charged or cleaned.  For all of my Orgonite including pendants, I put lots of Selenite inside each Orgonite product, for the clearing purpose, but of course, if you feel like doing so,  you should.

How to cleanse your Orgonite


Smudging your stone is said to clear inharmonious vibrations and restore its natural energy.

With help of the Mother earth:
Place your Orgonite directly on the ground overnight.

Mental projection:
Hold Orgonite in both hands and send a gentle wave of healing and love.

Please do not  place an orgonite directly on furniture. There were reports that damage occurred when it was placed directly on furniture because my Orgonite has suction from the bottom to up. You can first put your orgonite on glass, ceramic, stone or wood ( for example on a coaster ) and then place it on furniture.


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