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Round shape / Black cord : Shield negative energies. Soothe emotional trauma


Key components:


Black Tourmaline - It is a grounding stone. It can help connect Earth and the human spirit. It is also an excellent shield against environmental pollutants, electromagnetic smog, and radiation associated with cell phones, computers, and other electronic equipment.

Amazonite - It can help soothe emotional trauma and alleviate worry and fear. It can also help absorb stress caused by EMF. It is for enhancing communication.


Fundamental components:


Quartz Crystal - It can help focus and direct energy within the orgonite. It holds a program and memory.
Selenite - It is for clearing, purification, and clearing the aura from negativity or stuck energy. It is also for clarity of thought and universal consciousness.
24K Gold Leaf - With its high frequencies, it can help healing and purification. It also increases the orgonite’s response to intent stimulation.
Copper - It can help boost the flow of orgone and strengthen synergy with steel or iron.
Iron (Powder) - It is for grounding and stability. It is used for projective energy and helps increase orgonite's responsiveness to EMF(Electric and Magnetic Fields) stimulation.
Black Shungite - It is for powerful purification, shielding, and protection from EMF radiation from TVs, computers, microwaves, cell phones, etc.
Pyrite - It is for manifestation, creating flow and abundance.
Mica Powder - It is for positive feelings, hope and happiness.
SBB coil - It induces the flow of energy in orgonite.


Please note :


  • Each piece is unique, one of kind and since it is handcrafted, & hand sanded, there may be small imperfections, air bubbles and variations.
  • Colors will vary slightly due to calibration differences in monitors.

BTA - 001 Shape A : Shield negative energies. Soothe emotional trauma

    • You can adjust the length of the pendant string by moving the small rectangle up and down.  It feels a little tight in the beginning but it gets just right as you use it.
    • There are beads at the end of the cords, the connection point between the cord and the pendant is loose, so if you wish you can move the beads part to the front.
    • The cord string of this pendant is waxed.
 Depending on the person, it may feel a bit hard and less comfortable.
 In such cases, please wash the String (only) softly with warm soapy water, rinse well, and dry before use.
    • The pendant is water resistant but I don't recommend going into the sea or swimming pool with this pendant.
The pendant is UV resistant but avoid strong direct sunlight for long time if you can


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