Each orgonite is unique as it is hand made.  Therefor there may be slight surface imperfections, e.g. miniscule bubbles or other slight irregularity may appear due to the cure and finishing process.


Each Orgonite is a set with Macrame Linhasita cord to be beautifully wrapped the way shown on images.


Although the Orgonite pendant is for to support your well being, It is not substitute for medical care.


Actual colors may vary in different types of lighting and with different monitor settings.



Adjustable cord  length with Sliding Knot, Cord approximately 30 inches long.



Round Shape R - Approximately 1.70 inches in diameter.


Tips for Care of Orgonite:

  • Please, do not leave Orgonite under the Strong direct Sun light or in water.

  • It contains small parts, metals and gemstones. Orgonite is not a toy for young children.

  • Usually, you do not need to cleanse Orgonite, but after heavy use and if you feel, you can put Orgonite under running water for a few minutes and towel dry. Or if you wish you can place Orgonite under the gentle early morning sunlight but just to be aware using sunlight can cause some color fading for some gem stones.

R-199 Rhodonite/Garnet/Emerald (Love, Confidence, Harmony, Prosperity)

  • Rudonite ( Brazil )

    -Mercy, compassion, forgiveness, love, healing

    Garnet ( USA )

    -Play, Vitality, Successful Business, Love, Positive Thinking, Recall of Life in the Past, Confidence

    Emerald ( Brazi l)

    -Great harmony, wisdom and love, many excellent qualities and emotional, spiritual balance. Mental growth, clear vision, prosperity, inspiration, joy, intuition, love, romance, beauty, harmony, tranquility, calmness, clarity, friendship and unity, richness and creativity

    Other Ingredients;

    Quartz Crystal (main)

    Focuses and directs energy within the orgonite. Holds a program. 


    Drains away harmful energy by increasing orgonite's energy flow (A grounding stone, Energy shield, blocking out negativity from various sources).

    Copper / Copper Powder

    Has very wide response range of frequencies. Boosts flow of energy.

    Gold (18K GOLD LEAF)

    Boost flow of energy by high frequencies from gold.

    Iron (Powder)

    Provides stability to the energy signature of the orgonite (Grounding energy).


    Balances polarities such as male/female, aligns the chakras.


    Increases and boosts flow of orgone energy.

    SBB coil (showing in the back image)

    The Coil inside orgonite is for to direct the flow of energy in desired direction.

    Cord Color – Brown

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